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Mr. David C.W. Chan

Tutor of origami, paper carving, and astronomy courses of Hong Kong Baptist University School of Continuing Education

The founder of The Chinese (H.K.) Origami Society, and as the chairman for years.

President Chan learnt origami from his grandmother since he was four. Since then, he has been binding with this art.

In 1996, David’s origami creations “frog and alligator” got a prize from “The tenth World Origami Exhibition” which held by Nippon Origami Association.

After over forty years of experience accumulated, the number of David’s creations is over thousands. Some of them have been published in the magazines and newsletters of origami clubs in Britain, USA, Japan, France, Holland, and Hungary. David is also an origami book writer. The series of origami dinosaurs, lanterns, and toys is especially amazing.

Other than origami, David creates a lot of paper carving models. Some of them are published in popular magazine, and some are used for government department for propagation.

The creations of David are frequently used for advertisements in local posts by production companies. David is always interviewed by local TV, post, and magazines. Moreover, David often appears as guest host in origami programmes and tutor for actors in TV.